Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blue tie dye

I tried tie dye "shibori" with this denim blue dye, the results are pretty awesome. For a long time I want it to try shibori but I couldn't find the indigo kit locally is only available online. So I bought the rit dye powder and experiment with it, on a full cotton sheet and two pieces of  muslim remnants, that were just the right size to make a scarf and a tea towel.
 I used two 8" x 8" wood boards and 2 clamps for the full sheet. Two CD cases and lots of rubber bands for the scarf, that's how I got the square design. For the tea towel I fold, twist and hold it with lots of rubber bands.
I follow this shibori steps here even though I didn't use the indigo kit, so happy with the outcome. ;).  Have you tried shibori before?


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