Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Cement planters

 I've made a lot some cement planters, I got carried away! is actually very addictive! besides I have lots of cement to make like 100 planters if I want. 

If you want to make yourself some pretty planters, all you need 
Portland cement from Home Depot
and two containers one big one small. I used an empty juice carton, and a small mason jar for the middle hole. Mix the cement with water until a cottage cheese texture. I recommend rubbing crisco shortening to the inside of the juice carton, before pouring the cement mixture and to the outside of the small mason jar. let dry for 2-3 hours then slowly remove small container. If you let the small  jar container dry for more than 3 hours it will not come out.  Let planter dry overnight then remove it from the juice carton let it dry some more. I let my planters dry outside like for a week.

Three years ago I also made some Hypertufas for those I used two parts of portland cement, 1 part perlite and peat moss
they look like this: 



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