Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY garland

Now that Thanksgiving is over, fall decorations put away. Time to get ready for Christmas!  Every year we get our Chirstmas tree the day after thanksgiving  :) and now that Robert is a big boy he doesn't break play with the ornaments anymore, our tree used to be naked from the middle down.

Anyways I was in the look for a pretty garland,
 I saw this pretty paper garland at the west elm, catalog from confetti system love the colors. It looked pretty easy to me so I made my own.

I used  6" x 6"origami paper sheets,

trace and cut 2" squares

fold in half corner with corner

 then sew

I went crazy and made a super long one!

Another way to make a garland like this, could be with felt but instead of cutting squares you can cut the triangles and sew in fact would be easier :0



  1. What a smart idea! I never would have thought to sew them together...and I sew every day!

  2. love the color combination!!!!


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