Thursday, October 4, 2012

Acorn squash candles

This is a perfect fall project to reuse old candles ;). 


1. Old candles or wax
acorn squash
zinc core wire wicks (from michaels)
2 pots one larger than the other

2. Remove the seeds and pulp using the spoon.
3. Melt the old candles in the small saucepan to get deeper color, melt little pieces of crayons with the wax.
4. set it over, the larger pot of boiling water.
5.pour the wax into the squash. (but first set your acorn over a mug for better stability) Drop the metal wick.
6. let it cool  for 4 hours, and peel the skin off. and that's it!


  1. That is so clever! I never would have thought to use a squash that way.


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