Saturday, September 29, 2012

13 years old and DIY piñata

My oldest daughter turned 13 on thursday! We celebrate her birthday with friends and family at the park. She asked for a sponge bob cake. It was a cute cake from Safeway, with 13 candles that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;).

I made cake pops and cupcakes with lots of sprinkles, yum!

I asked my hub to help me made a piñata,  I love this geometric piñatas from Confetti system they have beautiful stuff. But I can't afford a $140 piñata. So we got started

First we draw and cut 6 triangles then assemble 2 pyramids with wide masking tape.(I used 2 premium white board from walmart $.99 each) 
 Then cut small pieces of silver paper (roll of gift wrapping paper from the dollar tree)
 and I start glueing the pieces of paper from the bottom up with elmer's glue.  
 Fiuh! that is a lot of paper.

 I was please with the outcome, and the kids loved it.

The piñata cost me under $5 :)


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