Friday, July 13, 2012

Super hero Birthday

My baby boy turn 4 last week, we threw a super hero party. The kids had a great time, and they loved their super hero capes and mask I made for them. My family was a huge help for me because I worked on all the DIYs the day before the party:o). Also my sister and mother in law BIG help (thanks ladies :). I wish I had better pictures to show you, but I was busy and only took a few blurry ones.

Anyways Robert was so happy and that was the whole idea. Most of the things I used for the DIYs are from the Dollar store, (bunting, buildings, table covers, superhero candies) also found a big R at Joanns and covered it with little pieces of comic pages, turn out very nice. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

Sources with free printable stuff:


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