Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy Guacamole Recipe

 Today I have for you something tasty, how to make a good guacamole great for dipping. 

Facts: Guacamole is from Mexico, made first by the Aztecs in the early 16th century. Then after the conquistadores came to America, it become popular in Spain. And now is popular around the world and at my house guacamole, is serve 2 or 3 times a week along with dinner. I'm a guacaholic!.

It serves 4 or 5 people

1 avocado
3 or 4 serrano peppers 
1/2 of a medium tomato
4 cilantro sprigs
1 garlic clove
salt to taste
3 tbs of water

put all of the above ingredients in blender or food processor, then pulse until it gets a creamy texture. Then serve.

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