Monday, July 25, 2011

Men's shirt = pretty tank top

I bought this shirt months ago for 50 cents at the thrift store, thinking would be great for the hub  I liked it because still had the tags on, is 100% linen (if you must know I love linen).
 Came home showed it to the hub.
Me; look what I got for you a nice linen shirt brand new.
Hub; eh is too big for me!. So I just put it away on the forgotten pile. Yesterday while moving things I found it again and started working with this idea.
Here is the process. (excuse the wrinkles please)

fold as shown and trace a tank top that fits

Cut and pin, now the back is front make some pleats

buttons from front are now in the back sew along the sides and done!

Thanks so much for reading, until next time. I love my new top. :o


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