Friday, June 24, 2011

More skirts

I made more summer skirts they are super easy! Here is my daughter K, she is almost 12, she is very smart, and she is also crafty like me.  :o) She liked her skirt and the idea of pockets for her ipod.

Let me tell you about the fabric, I bought it at Joann for $2 dollars the yard is 100% linen which is an AWESOME deal, and the color is fabulous, I just love it. Below another skirt same color this one for me.

 I like how it looks with the belt and the ruffle tank top,  the top was an XXL long sleeve shirt from Old navy, I bought it on clearance for $2.00. What I did is cut off the sleeves sew that sides to fit my size then made some ruffles with the extra fabric.

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